New ICD-UX200,UX300, and UX300F Flash Memory Voice Recorders From Sony

Sony-ICD-UX200-and-ICD-UX300-Digital-Voice-Recorders-pink-blackImagine going to a lecture after a good night out with your buddies. Just thinking about the headache and body pains that seem to come from nowhere makes me feel queasy already. But you don’t need to listen at the elcture actually. You just have to be physically present and get everything that your professor says with a voice recorder and these new recorders from Sony would fit the bill.

Three new voice recorders namely the ICD-UX200, ICD-UX300, and ICD-UX300F are to be released Europe bound this December. These voice recorders are lighter than your mobile phone at 48g and are compact that they can easily slip into your pocket or the smallest compartment of your bag. But don’t let the small size fool you as they are loaded with features. The UX300 has 4GB of internal memory capable of recording 1072 hours of conversation! To think that a month has about 720 hours, this has more than enough space for your daily needs. These voice recorders run on alkaline batteries that can record up to 15 hours continuously and 83 hours of playback. There are even 21 steps of playback speed that can break down supercalifragilisticexpialidocious into manageable syllables. The record format uses MP3 which means you can transfer the recording to your iPod and listen while on the go. And one more thing, these recorders work on either PC or Mac so no problems with compatibility there.

Though we cannot get these here in the US, there are a bunch of Sony ICD Voice Recorders that you can get at Amazon.

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