Never Scoop Litter Again with the Litter Robot

litter robotTaking care of pets in our homes doesn’t always equate to all fun, play and hugs. It comes with responsibility of cleaning after their poop. This very much apply to cats where constant cleaning of the litter box is required. However, an innovation designed to never let your hands ever scoop up litter again is here named the Litter Robot.

This litter box gadget works like a garbage can. Just dump there and clean it after a few days. Your cat enters the sphere where it would “relieve” itself. After your cat goes out of the sphere, the gadget automatically counts for 7 minutes before the cleaning process starts. The cleaning process doesn’t need water or anything like other automatic litter boxes do. Rather, it makes the sphere revolve making the litter clump revolve with the litter which fall into the waste port and into the storage container below. After that, the litter robot automatically repositions itself ready for its next visitor.

The robot litter doesn’t need any special litter material. It can be used with clumping, scoopable clay litter or even with alternatives such as Litter Pearls, Crystals or World’s Best Cat Litter. This robot also doesn’t need special receptacles or waste bags saving you money from those things. Like what is said earlier, the litter compartment can be cleaned even just once a week so you could do whatever you want. Unpleasant odors won’t be a problem since the litter storage box is designed to prevent mold growth which is the cause of that typical litter box smell.

Get rid of the hassle from always cleaning the litter box with the Litter Robot

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