Never Get Lost with Spot GPS

spot gpsWatching Man vs Wild on Discovery Channel might not be for the faint hearted people. People who can’t stand the sight of Bear Grylls chomping on a critter that crosses his site just to save himself from hunger and thirst might need to switch channels due to the graphic images that they’ll see. It could sometimes be impossible even to remember all of those tips to help you survive in the harsh outdoors but you could only save yourself so much that  being rescued  is still your best bet for survival.

The Spot GPS gadget tracks you down whenever you may go around the world as long as it is covered by the GPS system. It can locate you in the jungles of the Amazon, the sand dunes of Dubai or even through the harsh ice of Alaska. Setting it up will require you to input an email address and a cellphone number. An email and a text message will be sent to the recipients whenever you press the OK button along with a link directing to Google Maps that shows where you are. One press of the rescue button will send an emergency signal to the nearest emergency crew to save you before you even get too lost.

Aside from being a life saver, I can think of this as a social networking gadget that works like Twitter. This is because an option is also available making the Spot GPS send “tweets” to recipients that is customizable from 10min to 24 hours making them follow your progress.

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