Neuton CE 6 Mower

c6From turning on the TV, driving your car to work, shopping for some groceries, to even doing our lawns, environmental consciousness is present wherever we go. This Neuton battery lawn mower addresses the environmental concern for your lawn without compromising the quality of work. The Neuton CE 6 Mower is like the Hannah Montana of the grass mower world who has the best of both worlds. It has all the convenience of conventional battery powered mowers and the power that gas mowers have.

Starting the mower is very easy by just a squeeze on the handle bar – no need to do some shoulder dislocating pull-starts. When operational, the CE 6 is very quiet since there is no combustion engine which means no ear protection is needed for the operator or even for your neighbors since some gas mowers can reach 90 decibels. Doing the chore is easy with the 360 watt engine which is powerful enough to cut even through thick grass. The way grass cuttings are disposed are also varied through the use of a rear collection bag, through the side chute or with the mulching plug to return the nutrients back into the soil.

This mower saves the environment in 2 ways. First is by reducing gasoline usage and carbon emissions since 800 million gallons of gasoline are used by Americans yearly on gas mowers alone. Second is by not allowing gasoline spills happen on the lawn where 17 million gallons of gasoline seep annually through our lawns potentially contaminating the water table.

Get the power that you need without sacrificing the environment with the Neuton CE 6 Mower.

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