Neon Power Ball – Combining Exercise, Therapy, Sports Training, and Fun Competition in One

neonpowerballThere are lots of exercise gadgets claiming to be the best in providing you various health benefits. But when it comes to strengthening your arms and wrists, nobody does it better than the Neon Power Ball. Designed mainly to be a sports training tool, this Neon glowing version of Power Ball is aimed to strengthen your wrists, arms, fingers, and grip through its combined internal gyroscope, centrifugal force, and inertia. Once you set that rotor in motion, you will feel a speed build-up that exerts a really remarkable force on your wrist – giving you a total arm and shoulder muscle workout. So, if you are into golf, tennis, fencing, basketball, archery, and badminton, then this gadget is definitely the perfect exercise tool for you.

But hey, there’s more! The Neon Power Ball can also be used for rehabilitation and relief from carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI. If your work has confined you in using the computer a lot, chances are you have developed some sort of strain injuries in your arms over the years. Don’t let these affect your daily activities, find relief by using the power ball now! You can start at a low speed, then little by little, you can increase it until you reached the maximum speed of 15,000 rpm. Now, to keep track of how you are doing, simply check the onboard computer located on top.

But aside from exercise, sports training, and therapy, there’s one more important thing about this power ball – the fun competition that comes with it. Since there’s a maximum speed to be reached, you can compete with your friends and family; now, whoever gets the highest score wins! It sure brings fun competition to everyone, so get one now!

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