Navigate Your 3D World with 3D Connexion Spacepilot Pro


At first glance, you wouldn’t think it’s a mouse, but it is a mouse. Yes, it is a mouse! It is a 3D mouse designed to deliver advanced control of 3D models, easier access to the power of professional 3D applications, fewer interruptions in the design workflow, and superior comfort. Specifically, the SpacePilot PRO features a new color LCD Workflow Assistant, second-generation Quickview Navigation technology, Intelligent Function keys, and an improved design for enhanced comfort and control. Let me give you its features in detail.

The full-color LCD lists function-key assignments and provides at-a-glance access to Microsoft Outlook e-mail, calendar and task lists – allowing users to access important information for a fully integrated design experience with fewer distractions. Five new dual-function QuickView Navigation keys improve error detection, design review, and design presentation by providing one-touch access to the following views: top and bottom, right and left, front and back, two isometric views, and 90-degree view rotation of any view either clockwise or counter-clockwise – for a total of 32 views.

Here’s more. Five new fully customizable, dual-function keys offer immediate, one-touch access to 10 frequently used commands within any supported 3D application. The SpacePilot PRO automatically detects the active application and assigned appropriate function keys – whether default or customized. And for a much more pleasant user experience, it comes with a sculpted, soft-coated wrist rest that positions the hand in relation to the controller cap to support a balanced workflow. The micro-precision six-degrees-of-freedom allows for fingertip control with minimal effort from the arm, wrist and hand, while frequently used commands are conveniently positioned at your fingertips. The symmetrical design makes the device equally suitable for left and right handed user. With a mouse like this, who needs a PC?

From $499.00, the SpacePilot Pro can be found here for less than $400.00.

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