My Mystery UFO – Do you want to believe?

my-mystery-ufoThe time for Trick or Treat may be over but you can still look forward to April fool’s Day and every family gathering in between to either amaze or pull one of your pranks. Bazinga! Both believers and skeptics of the extra terrestrial will surely have fun figuring out the Mystery UFO. It‘s like the floating and rotating card trick you see on street magic stunts but much cooler. Come on! A floating credit card trick is certainly no match for a hovering flying saucer. Astonish your friends and family with the Mystery UFO as it mysteriously hovers and spins in between your hands as if suspended by pure will or a higher extraterrestrial power. Get your audience to guess how you do it and have fun as they try to offer explanations from mythically ridiculous to the scientifically improbable.

Spoiler alert: The trick behind the Mystery UFO is the near invisible microscopic strand of high tensile para-aramid synthetic fiber. That would be Kevlar in English, a derivative of Aramid which is a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers used in military and aerospace applications. It’s pretty cool huh. Each end of the string is a very sticky mass of discreet adhesive that attaches to the UFO and your hand. This entertaining gadget comes with an easy to follow instruction, extra lumps of adhesive putty and lots of Kevlar strands.

Now that you know the secret, go and have fun with the My Mystery UFO. Get it here!

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