My Book Elite External Hard Drive

wdeliteDeleting files on your computer is like throwing out your things in the trash can. For some it is easy but for most it is hard. It may have come to a time that you have to delete those movies that you have already watched but you keep on skipping them on the delete-it list. The reason is that one time or another, you have said to yourself the line “but this might come in handy sometime in the future”. Yeah we all know that, so you better need an external hard drive. But with all of them available in the market, which to choose? Well, we here at Geekie can recommend the My Book Elite.

This external hard drive from Western Digital is one of the latest. Bearing the “Elite” in its name specifies that it is top of the line. You might have thought of building an external hard drive yourself to save on money but you’re missing a lot of features that a branded external hard drive like this one can offer.

First is the nifty external display. The external display works as a label for your external drive. It displays a customizable label, remaining space available, and a security indicator. The display itself uses the e-ink technology that makes it visible even after unplugging. SmartWare software allows you to easily access your data or encrypt it and create backups. The dimensions are 5.3″x6.5″x1.9″, it can easily fit your desk or your shelf.

Try and see this 1.5TB version at Amazon.

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