Musical Cake Tray: Greeting Happy Birthday in a More Exciting Way

Sending a birthday card, giving either a simple or fancy gift, and singing the birthday song. These are the usual ways to greet your loved ones, best buddy, colleague, and acquaintances a Happy Birthday. Ordinary as these may seem, the birthday celebrant will sure appreciate your effort in remembering his/her special day; after all, it’s the thought that counts. But if you want to greet someone a Happy Birthday in a more exciting way, then consider giving a special birthday cake placed neatly on this fancy gadget known as the Musical Cake Tray.

musical_cake_trayAs its name implies, the Musical Cake Tray is beyond holding that special cake – it plays the Happy Birthday music, too. With just a simple push of a button, the tray will start playing Happy Birthday; now, it’s all up to you if you’ll sing along or leave it as is. After singing, simply press the “power” button to begin slicing the cake to your desired number of slices. Whether you choose 2, 4, or 12 slices, you’re assured that the cake is cut evenly because of its featured LED light that serves as guide when slicing.

Now, if you’re thinking about giving pizza, pie, fruit tart, or other desserts instead of a birthday cake, you can also make use of the Musical Cake Tray to add to the excitement. Is your best friend a pizza lover? Or does your mom love eating apple pie? Then, greet them a Happy Birthday with their all-time favorites nicely presented on the Deni 4100 Musical Cake Tray with LED Slicing Guides. For sure, they will love that gadget you got there to wish them a Happy Birthday.

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