MSI X-Slim X430 Ultrathin Laptop with AMD Athlon Neo X2 Dual Core Processor

091125_3MSI was one of the most successful computer manufacturers that cashed in on the netbook craze primarily with its Wind Netbook which offered desktop like computing in a small package. Now, consumers tend to prefer thin and light laptops which have the same lightweight characteristic of a netbook but with more power and bigger screens and that is what X-Slim Ultrathin Series of MSI is for. The release of this second generation X-Slim ultathin laptop named X430 is a major breakthrough as it is the industry’s slimmest 14″ laptop and lightest at only 1.5kg with battery included.

x430_06The X-Slim X430 has an AMD Athlon Neo X2 dual core processor for better multitasking performance but with lower power consumption than traditional processors. The 14″ screen has a contrast ratio of 16:9 which optimized for watching movies and videos and thanks to ATI’s PowerPlay feature, it can play Blu-ray videos with ease using an optional external Blu-ray drive. Energy efficiency is one of this laptop’s best front with an efficient processor, LED backlighting, and with MSI’s ECO Engine. ECO Engine is MSI’s own power management feature that has 5 presets for different operating modes namely Gaming, Movie, Presentation, Office, and Turbo Battery for maximum battery life.

Other things that users would appreciate with this laptop is the ergonomic keyboard that reduces strain by giving your hands and fingers a more natural movement and the webcam which is optimized for indoor and outdoor settings to deliver high quality images wherever you are. Another cool thing about this laptop is that you can personalize it by changing its frame accent like black, yellow or blue.

Browse over at the here where you can find MSI X-Slim Laptops.

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