MR i-Spy Digital Camera Binoculars – Get a Two for One Deal

Yes, with Mr i-Spy Digital Camera Binoculars, you get a two for one deal! Mr i-Spy Digital Camera Binoculars as the name suggests, can take pictures aside from being able to enlarge images from afar. So gone are the days when the observation through the binoculars is been only described.

Today, those descriptions can be captured for reference or for sharing with others. For anyone from birdwatchers, nature lovers, aspiring spies, kids, and for occasions like festivals and concerts, sports events, and holidays – this would be a great gadget to have around.

spy-digital-camera-binoculaMr. I-Spy Digital Camera Binoculars come packed with everything you need. This device is equipped with a 1.3-megapixel camera that provides two different image resolutions: 1280 x 1024 pixels in HI mode and 640 x 480 pixels in LO mode. It comes with 16MB of built-in memory that is enough to hold about 40 to 50 images in HI mode or 100-150 images in LO mode. Of course its features don’t end there. It also has a Plug-and-Play download of images function to make transfer to your PC and viewing as simple as taking them.

Mr. I-Spy Digital Camera Binoculars can take not only images but video as well; video is without a sound though. It works with PC and MAC, it has all the necessary peripherals such as USB cable, ulead software, a hand strap, and it just requires two AAA batteries to function.

At an affordable price of £29.95, Mr. i-Spy Digital Camera Binoculars is available now from

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