Movers And Shakers – The Self Shaking Salt and Pepper

After a hard day’s work, sometimes you’ll find yourself too exhausted to even think about dinner, much more to prepare one considering all the strains that go with it. Just imagine having to muster all your energy just to shake that salt and pepper shaker to season your food. For sure, before you even have a single bite, you’ll already pass out from strain. Kind of exaggerated, I know. But really, for a person who had a rough day at work, even shaking that salt and pepper shaker over the food can be a tedious task. That is why some clever New Yorkers devised a way to make this task a lot easier. Introducing Movers And Shakers – the self shaking salt and pepper.

movers_and_shakersMeasuring 1.5″ wide by 4.0″ tall, the Fred Movers and Shakers do all the wobbling and jiggling to sprinkle your food with its needed seasoning. Simply hold them over your food, pull the cord to activate, invert, and hold. In second, they’ll start jiggling and wobbling – surely adding a dash of fun to your meals. So, who says you can’t season your food the easy way? With Movers and Shakers, you can spice up your food without the hassle.

Still too tired to even think about shaking the salt and pepper shaker yourself? Get the Fred Movers & Shakers – Gray & White at This set of two salt and pepper shakers in white & gray will only cost you $9.99. So, grab one now!

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