Motorola Aura “Celestial Edition” Soon Taking “Giant Leaps” for Mankind

moto-aura-celestial-editionThough there haven’t been many interesting cellular phones in the product portfolio of Motorola lately, we just cannot but admit the big contribution of the company to the development of telecommunications. Remember the radio transformer made by Motorola used during the first manned Moon landing that happened exactly 40 years ago? Yes, the device aboard the Apollo 11 that relayed the first words and visuals from the Moon to Earth came from Motorola.

Now, to celebrate the anniversary, Motorola rolls out a special series of its Aura phone – called Celestial Edition. Word on the street has it that this handset won’t deviate much from the predecessor [Motorola Aura], but it will come packed with pictures, audio and video content – all provided by NASA that visualizes the great achievement. The handset will also come with a laser made inscription and 9 post stamps to commemorate the mission.

The first unit of the Celestial Edition will go to Neil Armstrong as a gift, while the rest of us who have never walked on the Moon will have to wait [but not a bit longer] because this handset is coming out from early July [meaning, really soon], until the end of the year. We are not sure of the pricing as its remains unknown to date, but no doubt, it will be more expensive than the original ($1,967).

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