Motion Computing C5’s Gorilla Glass Screen is Tough…Waaay Tough

c5Broken screens is one of the major heart breakers in our geekie world. It does not only make us feel so technology backward when we have to use pens and papers to put notes, save contacts or remind us of our activities for the day when we could only have grabbed for our phones and tapped our way through all of those in a matter of minutes. It could be by a hard fall or even by just placing it in your back pocket and you know you’re dead when you hear the snapping sound of doom.

gorilla_glass_fallHowever, people from Corning (which can be familiar to you and especially your mom) developed a new form of glass that can withstand breakage even with the most punishing of tests. It is applied on the Motion C5 tablet PC which was designed for industrial use or for hardcore rugged PC users. It is built in with an Intel Core Solo U1400 1.2GHz Processor for minimal power consumption and yet acceptable computing performance. It also has 2GB of ram for faster program access.

Though the Gorilla Glass is applied on a specific tablet PC, imagine the uses of this thing. It could be placed on the iPhone and not be wary of screen cracks anymore. Even to other touch screen products (which are very popular) to make them last longer.

Experience the Gorilla Glass yourself when you get the C5 here.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting this product… Just a note though that this new model of the motion c5 and F5 with gorilla glass actually has an intel core 2 duo processor. The original model had the core solo, but the new one is pretty much twice the performance…

    It’s also good to note their new display (hydis affs+) which is by far the best indoor and outdoor display available… That too would be an awesome addition to the iPhone, using less power for a much better view!

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