Wi-Fi Detection Shirt

wifi_shirt_anim1How would you like to walk in a room, and magically be able to detect Wi-Fi? No you don’t have to be a Hogwarts student, nor be chums with David Copperfield to do that. You simply need this spanking-new geekie-goodness Wi-Fi Detection Shirt.

Recently, we featured the T-Qualizer, but we still can’t get enough of these action geek chic apparel. With this shirt, there’s no need to pop open your laptop or mobile device to find out if you’re in a Wi-Fi hotspot. Your shirt alone can tell. The shirt’s front is equipped with glowing bars that indicate the current Wi-Fi signal strength.

This is also an excuse for chicks to ogle your pecs, while they pretend to search for Wi-Fi signal.

Now that we’ve given you this nifty Wi-Fi detection shirt, a party getup with the T-Qualizer, and a rockstar feel with the Drum shirt, it’s time to build up your wardrobe with these fine, fine geekie apparel.

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