More Convenient, More Controllable Keyless Entry with Smartcode Deadbolt

“Lock bumping”. Yes that’s the term used when burglars pick locks using a specially made bump key to break in homes and office spaces. Anyone who has been victimized by this practice would have wished he/she had installed keyless entry door locks in his/her home or office. Over the years, the use of this type of locks has increased in popularity in order to keep burglars away. Although the ordinary door lock can very much do the trick, nothing is made more convenient and more controllable than the keyless entry provided by Kwikset #909 15 SMT CP SN SmartCode Deadbolt.

satin_nickel_smartcode_deadboltMade with a satin nickel finish, The SmartCode Deadbolt by Kwikset allows you to use your own personal code when entering your home and lock it with just one touch of a button. In case you forgot to touch the lock button, no worries because it automatically locks after 30 seconds. It also gives you more control over who can have access to your home by assigning a temporary code to that person and delete it when you deem necessary. Now, there’s no need for you to worry about misplacing those keys or getting duplicates.

Installation for this device is also a breeze. Unlike other door lock systems, this one does not require additional screw holes. Even if you are not the DIY-type of person, you can install it in minutes by simply using a screwdriver. And take note, no hard wiring is required, so you get to enjoy more convenience and added security in no time.

So, what else would you need when it comes to securing your home or office? Get the Kwikset #909 15 SMT CP SN SmartCode Deadbolt at now!

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