Mooncode Portable Key Safe: Keep Your Valuables Safe from Prying Eyes

mooncodeportablekeysafePrying eyes are everywhere, be it in malls, schools, office, parks, and even right at your very own home. You might think that when you are already inside your home, your valuables are already secured from those prying eyes. To some extent, it could be. But don’t be too confident that no one is setting eyes on those valuables that you keep inside your bag, closet, or simply on top of your drawer. Because if you do, you might end up crying over lost valuables such as your credit card, bank notes, and most importantly, your keys. So, better be safe than sorry. Make sure you keep your valuables safe from prying eyes with this Mooncode Portable Key Safe.

Made from weather-resistant stainless steel, this key safe is designed primarily as key storage, providing you ample room inside for those small valuables you’ve got like credit cards and keys. So, unless anyone knows your 4-digit combination or has a powered bolt cutter on hand when trying to steal those stuff, your valuables are safe and well-kept. Take your keys for example. Sometimes you designate a place outside your home where you can keep duplicates  right? And yes, it’s very convenient especially if you left your keys inside or your brother or sister forgot to bring his/her own. But how about the cleaners, house sitters, or contractors that come and go to your place? You may not know whose set of eyes is prying on those keys; so before it’s too late, better secure them with this portable key safe.

Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, get your own Mooncode Portable Key Safe at Gadgetshop now!

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