Minoru 3D Webcam: The Easiest Way to Enter 3D World for Real!


Waiting for something else you can do to your impressive 2.4 GHz dual core processor? What else can you do with your Windows Vista , XP, or Win7 aside from those battle, racing, or role playing games you love occupying yourself with to kill the time? Here’s the reality guys, the Minoru 3D Webcam offers entertainment not just for you but for the whole family as well! It’s 3D which obviously creates incredible and amusing stereoscopic effects. Put some fun when you chat using AOL Instant Messenger, OoVoo, Skype, Windows Live Messenger and others.

Experience 3D in just 3 simple steps; connect the webcam’s USB cable to your PC after you cling its cutie legs to your monitor. Then, tweak the red and blue levels. No sweat and you are ready to enter the world in another dimension. This is minoru folks! By the way, Minoru is a Japanese term which means reality.

This doodad includes 5 pairs of 3D glasses making other family members join the 3D craze. Choose resolutions from 320 x 240, 640 x 480, 352 x 288, or even 704 x 576. Of course you can get back anytime to standard 2D vision. You can also take pictures and have the Minoru in video mode. Let the included free guide supply further details in case grandma forgets to operate it.

That’s all for now, I’m going to set up mine. 3D world here I come! Don’t be left behind, make sure you have your own 3D fun by clicking here.

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