Mini HoverDrones for your Evil Villain Dreams

droneSo you wake up one day and decided that you had enough of what the world has cast into you. You’re tired of saying “why does it have to be me?” and have a full mindset of becoming one of the world’s villains concocting plans of world domination. First thing on your list should be spy drones looking around things on your behalf while you watch over your lair of doom. Spy cameras can be found everywhere but what should its mode of transportation? Then these mini r/c HoverDrones will definitely fit the bill.

These drones from Thinkgeek are really miniature with just a 65mm height and 60mm width. It could be so small that it could pass through doors that are just barely open. The mini fans underneath the drones allow it to fly up or down depending on your command through the slider in the remote control allowing easy navigation. You could virtually launch your drones at any height. You could even throw them up high and then start the mini fans to make them spy on a bird’s eye view. The only draw back would be its limited 5-7 minutes flight time on a single 10minute charge. The cool blue and red lights too would be cool if you want to make them look like your police drones patrolling your territory.

These things definitely look cool if flown by the fleet and as if a swarm of drones is about to take over. Get yours only at

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