Mini Cash-Can to the Rescue

Have you ever experienced dining in a restaurant and when you’re about to pay your bill, only then you realized minicashcanthat your wallet was missing? And when you tried to check your pocket or inside your bag for extra bill, there was none. For sure, sweat started to roll down your forehead as you think of a way on how to get out of that rather embarrassing situation. Or perhaps, you wished you had that super power to become invisible during that moment. Such an unforgettable experience, right? Now, don’t let that happen again. You see, you don’t need fancy gadgets to help you get out of that kind of situation. All you need is this Mini-Cash Can to help you carry or hide emergency money all the time.

The Mini-Cash Can is a compact, lighweight, and secure novelty gadget that allows you to hide cash yet keep it always close at hand. Simply fold your $20 or $100 bill in thirds, roll it around the center bar, and then slide the bar into the outer piece, through the hole in the top. Now, to secure it, you need to place the keyring through the hole in the bar. As long as the key ring is there, the tube cannot be opened or accidentally come apart. And it’s waterproof too. So, no need to worry about soaking your bill in case you forgot it in your jean’s pocket when doing the laundry.

What else can you say about the Mini-Cash Can? It’s simply amazing, right? Who would ever think that you’re keeping money in that little tube you got there? And now, with the Mini II version, you can even keep two bills from two different denominations at the same time. Really great tools to the rescue when you need cash impromptu!

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