Mimi Wifi Speaker – Takes Your Music Around The House

There are so many things that you can do to take your music around the house. One, you can use three different audio gadgets in various parts of your house – like a component in the living room, a computer in your bedroom, and an MP3 player with speakers in the kitchen. Two, you can use only one from these three gadgets, but you need to plug and unplug them whenever you want to take them anywhere inside the house. And three, you can use a speaker system that you can connect to your computer and take the speaker around the house for your music pleasure.

mimi-wifi-speaker_mainFrom the three options above, what do you think is the most convenient way for you to enjoy music anywhere inside your home? If your answer is the third one, then you must be familiar with this gadget from Veho – the Mini Wifi Speakers. Definitely a lot smaller than the ordinary speaker, this wireless speaker allows you to take your favorite music in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even in the bathroom with high quality sound and a super-cool look. All you need to do is insert the USB into your laptop or computer, turn on the speaker, and go to the room where you intend to relax and simply enjoy the beat of your favorite MP3s. The speaker is expected to last for a good 6 hours at full charge, so you do have lots of time there for your listening pleasure. Once the battery runs out, you can easily recharge it via USB.

The Veho VSS-002W Mimi Qube Wi-Fi Speaker System really brings so much convenience. If you’re interested to own one, check it out at Amazon.com now.

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