MiLi Pro – The iPhone, iPod Video Projector

Now, you can carry your own personal movie theatre with you, anywhere you go, and watch all your movies, video clips, podcasts and more with ease because PhoneSuit is releasing the MiLi Pro – a breakthrough in iPhone and iPod accessory technology. It’s an iPhone/iPod compatible, rechargeable, an LCOS, LED driven micro video projector that fits in the palm of your hand.


The MiLi Pro uses the latest in technology. It has a built-in speaker for high-quality audio output in which you can control the volume levels through the integrated touch panel. It has the ability to display 640 x 480 high resolution images on most any viewing surface. Use the focus wheel to fine tune your image quality. Scale your iPhone’s video up to a 40-inch screen for eye-strain free, relaxed viewing.

Port-wise, the MiLi Pro offers a variety of AV inputs, allowing you to use the projector with most input sources. iPhone and iPod compatible players can feed AV directly through their standard dock connectors. Two additional cables for input sources are also included – a VGA input cable and an RCA input cable. The VGA cable lets you connect the MiLi Pro directly to your laptop or PC’s VGA port while the RCA cable allows you to connect most standard AV equipment sources like DVD players, VCR’s, etc. And with the input source button, you can switch between the various inputs.

For its power source, the MiLi Pro utilizes high-quality lithium-polymer battery technology. The battery pack is detachable and swappable. And because PhoneSuit wants to assure you that you won’t lose power in the middle of your favorite movie, they have included one extra battery.

Pricing has not been announced, but it is expected to be available in September.

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