MiLi iPhone Power Pack – Another Charger Made for Your iPhone

The iPhone is many technology devices in one – a mobile phone, a music device, a camera and a way to connect to the Internet and send email. Unfortunately all those awesome apps have a habit of sapping the iPhone’s battery. Good thing, Phonesuit introduced the MiLi Power Pack. The MiLi Power Pack will give you the freedom to use your iPhone without the daily worries of running out of battery life! Enjoy your iPhone for voice, music, video, games and business applications with extended, stable power. You can now experience up to two days or more of uninterrupted iPhone power, depending on your usage.

mili power packThe MiLi is a rechargeable (via USB) external battery concealed inside a svelte protective hard-shell case, and it offers twice, yes twice, the battery life of the iPhone alone – up to 390 hours standby time. The MiLi Power Pack utilizes high quality lithium-polymer battery technology. This allows the MiLi to have a small, lightweight package with an extremely powerful, high capacity battery. The MiLi iPhone battery offers an impressive 2000mAh of charging capacity. And thanks to MiLi’s smart chip you can extend your overall iPhone battery life by using the iPhone’s internal battery only when it’s absolutely necessary.

Now, if you feel like slimming down, just disconnect the iPhone from the MiLi and you will have a fully charged phone to take with you. Leave your MiLi to charge and re-attach to the iPhone as needed.

If you’re looking for a super smart protective case and a take-anywhere battery for your iPhone, the MiLi Power Pack will offer you both and more. The PhoneSuit MiLi Power Pack is available in eight different high gloss colors to choose from.

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