Meet Hetty and Henry the Hoover


The oh-so-cute desktop cleaners that you’ll ever see! That’s Henry over there smiling back with the red cheeky face and of course, the pink one is no other than his wife Hetty. These cute little gadgets will be your newest partners in busting that desktop dust.

Equipped with their own crevice tool and vacuum nozzle, Hetty and Henry the Hoover are easy to use desktop crumb busters and cleaning cupboard gadgets. Simply pop in 3 x AA batteries, press on, and you’re off to a hassle-free vacuuming in seconds. To empty the crumbs, just unscrew their hats and tip the contents into your garbage bin. That easy! So, whether at home or in the office, why not let these little cuties do the dust busting for you?

And since they only measure 9.5 x 9.5 x 9cm, you can practically bring them anywhere you go. Not only that, these also make exciting gift items for your friends and loved ones. That’s right! Your sister will just love the pink Hetty the Hoover while your best chum will be simply amazed with what Henry the Hoover can do. Or how about your co-worker who is best known for being a messy eater? He sure does need one to get rid of those crumbs stuck on his keyboard. And if you happen to have a child around 3 years old and above, you can also give it as a way of training him/her to become more responsible in cleaning his/her mess.

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