MechRC Robot – Transform and Roll Out

mechrc robotWhen your son begins bugging you to get him a pet like Bumblebee or a body guard like Optimus Prime, explaining that the Sector 7 might come banging at your door while you keep extraterrestrials at your home is not exactly a mature answer. What you can say is that the Autobots are busy right now, trying to protect the Earth from the Decepticons but they do have their little buddy MechRC to keep him company.

MechRC is a cool seventeen servo programmable robot capable of 180 degrees movement. It is designed by one of the Transformer artists as we can observe from the obvious resemblance to Transformer’s character designs. The MechRC is quite easy to use since it is pre-assembled and comes with pre-installed motions and sounds. Your son can enjoy wicked dance moves and combat action immediately without prior pre-programming.

The fun really starts when you put and develop your own moves using a computer and the included software. Enjoy countless hours’ of mecha action goodness as you try to design new moves by moving the animated robot in the screen then save the move sequences. Programming MechRC is pretty much like playing a video game. Different audio like soundtracks, sound effects and voices can also be added and played in the robot’s speakers located in the chest. The package includes the MechRC robot, IR remote, Lithium battery pack and charger, MechRC Commander Software CD ROM, Serial communications cable, USB to serial adapter and decal sheet.

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