Mamiya DM22 & DM28 DSLRs: Sub-$10k “entry-level”

If you want to take pictures like a pro, instead of going for the ubiquitous consumer DSLR cameras, you should try your hands at high-end professional equipments. However, a nice professional DSLR camera would cost anything around $10k to $15k. Remember, the more money you are willing to spend, the better will be the technical specifications of the camera. But are you ready to pay more for a camera than the asking price of some cars?DM22-28-header

Mamiya, synonymous with professional photography, has introduced a new 22-megapixel, 36×48mm digital camera selling for $9,995. The Mamiya DM22, slated for November delivery, is the perfect choice for photographers when 35mm-sized DSLRs are not good enough. The 16bit/channel RAW files help to produce impressive images. And to produce the finest quality pictures incorporating the professional touch, users can process using Capture One, Leaf Capture, or Adobe Lightroom.

Now, if you are willing to fish out some more money, instead of the Mamiya DM22, you can purchase the Mamiya DM28 for $14,990. DM28 shares most of the features of DM22 except that it has better sensor and ISO range. And the DM28 is, you guessed it, a 28-megapixel camera. The DM22 features a 48×36mm sensor, 5356×4056 pixels, and an ISO range of 25-400 while the DM28 features a 44×33mm, 6144×4622 pixels, and an ISO range of 50-800. The RAW file is the Mosaic format, HDR-type, with 16 bits/channel and a dynamic range of 12 f/stops. Image storage is either on a CF card or via FireWire.

Both cameras come with the sharp Mamiya 80mm f/2.8 D Series lens, focal plane shutter, and are fully compatible with any Mamiya AF focal plane series lens. In addition, they can be used with older 645MF and Hasselblad lenses (via #310-244 adapter), both in stop-down mode. The DM28, like the DM22, will be up for grabs from November. So, you may want to start searching your couch for pennies to pick up either of these units.

Other Mamiya Digital Cameras can be found at Amazon.

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