Make Your iPod a Tad Greener with ReNu

Ever heard about solar panels before? If yes, then perhaps you know that they are one of the most environmentally sound means of collecting solar energy. They make use of renewable energy from the sun and actively convert it to electricity. Thus, they are widely used to power all types of electronic equipment, ranging from simple solar-powered handheld calculators up to remote solar-powered sensor arrays in bouys. They are also used on various streetlights, whereas during daytime, their solar cells are charged to have free electricity to keep them lit and secure at night. All these and more provide considerable advantages not only to the consumer and the producer but also to the environment as a whole. That’s why, if you’ll notice, solar panels are now being used on tech gadgets as well. And one of the newest names that will conquer the market, which you will definitely love if you’re an iPod/iPhone user, is ReNu.

renu_ipod_dockWhat is ReNu? Basically, it is a solar panel gadget that charges on its own in the sunlight so it can power any Regen product and even charge an iPhone twice. This eliminates the need to expose your iPhone to direct sunlight in order to charge it. Once the panel is fully charged, which takes about 7.3 hours of ‘direct sunlight indoors’ and about 3.7 hours in direct sunlight outdoors, you can simply place it on the dock and it will start restoring power of your iPod/iPhone. It will provide up to about 8 hours of music or power to your gadget.

Really it’s good to know that solar panels are now used in tech gadgets as well. So, if you’re an iPod/iPhone user, be sure to get ReNu to make your gadget a tad greener. But since it isn’t out in the market yet, you can opt for this iPod dock at for the meantime.

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