Make the World Yours With This Antique Floating Globe

floating globeEver watched a movie wherein the character spins a huge globe then pinpoints a country of target? I thought that was cool until I see this – the Antique Floating Globe.

This floating globe isn’t powered by some fairy floating dust from Tinkerbell. Rather, it is through the power of magnets. The magnets at the tip of the stand is controlled electronically to create a magnetic field that interacts with the globe making it float and spin on its own! At the base is the microprocessor and other electrical components that “thinks” to make the globe always stable and on the correct position to avoid falling out of its axis. When the electromagnetic mechanism is turned off, the globe sure wouldn’t roll anywhere since there is also a permanent magnet in the base.

The globe itself is 20cm in size and is finely detailed to be used for learning or some geographical reference. The copper colored metal frame gives the globe some antique look without having to be kept in a chest for half a century.

This gadget would be a perfect addition to a library, a classroom where kids can have fun while learning, you room on which you could feel all pirate-y and think of where you can find a treasure chest, or even to the room of an evil organization’s head planning where to roll out his plans.

The Antique Floating Globe from is rated 5 stars by its customers assuring satisfaction and amazement in every spin.

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