Make iPhone’s Sound Better and More with SoundClip

b8e5_soundclip_iphone_audio_boosterWe love the iPhone and all of its features. The cool iPod media player feature, its touchscreen and the innovative OS that sometimes lack features that we are used to from our past phones. Even with these lack of features, we still use our iPhone and adapt to it. But one thing that bums everybody is its weak speakers. You have to admit that a good music player needs a good sound system to complement it but the speakers on the iPhone just isn’t up the game. It is really weak that a Google search about “weak iPhone speakers” would lead to recommendations of poking the speakers with needles which is a crude way of “fixing” the problem but magically works. Another problem is about the placement of the speakers because it is blocked when playing games on landscape and sometimes even on portrait orientation.

There is a rather low-tech solution to Apple’s ever popular phone. The SoundClip is basically a sound amplifying device that you plug in the speaker port of the iPhone. Though the sound amplifier idea might give you images of shortened battery life, that is not actually the case since it uses no batteries. It just “collects” the sound that the phone produces and acts like a horn and directing the sound towards you. Just plugging in the SoundClip can give you 10db gain on sound and redirect the sound wave’s direction towards you so you don’t block the speakers when playing games.

The SoundClip is an easy hassle-free solution to your iPhone sound issues. Get your SoundClip here.

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