Make a Statement with Custom Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter was born about 3 years ago and since its creation, Twitter has taken off as one of the most popular social media platforms. Opportunities for personal branding have increased and businesses and individuals are taking advantage of developing mainstream status using this tool. With Twitter, the potential reach of our personal brands is wider, but with almost one million users of this micro-blogging application, it’s harder to gain recognition.

Well, why don’t you just enhance your Twitter? You can choose from Twitter’s stock backgrounds. But why use one of Twitter’s stock backgrounds when you can have a custom twitter background that will not only make you stand out from the crowd but will also provide an excellent marketing opportunity? If you are using Twitter to endorse something, you are losing out its full potential if you don’t consider the background as part of your promotion.


A custom twitter background is a powerful way to let people know at a glance what you or your company is all about., the leading site for Twitter backgrounds have the largest selection of free Twitter backgrounds. Whether you’re a business looking for a professional presence or an individual wanting to legitimize your Twitter, there is surely a custom twitter background for you. With a custom twitter background, legitimizing your Twitter profile, increasing your followers, garnering instant authority and esteem is easy.

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