Maingear’s eX-L 18 Laptop – Experience Raw Power

Maingear eX-L 18Troy burned to the ground when Discord threw a golden apple inscribed with the words “To the fairest” to sow chaos among three goddesses. Now, Maingear Computer claims the title “Most Powerful” for their eX – L 18 gaming laptop and things are bound to get hot. What does it take to earn the coveted title “Most Powerful Laptop?” First you need the hardware and specs comparable to Helen of Troy, enough to launch a thousand ships. The strength of eX – L 18 lies within its Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme mobile processor and two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) using SLI technology. The GTX280 is so far the fastest GPU available for notebooks and laptops. Gamers and power users are also in for big treat with the integrated NVIDIA PhysXâ„¢ technology for realistic special effects and NVIDIA CUDAâ„¢ for performance intensive tasks like video and image editing.
maingear-ex-l-18 gaming laptop
Users can easily enjoy playing the latest games in maximum settings or watch your favorite movies in High Def. An 18.4 inches LCD screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 was used to take advantage of the powerful graphics and multimedia capabilities. To harvest the full potential of the processor and the GPU, the laptop’s memory uses a dual channel DDR3 RAM expandable to 8 GB. Other mouth-watering features include multiple SATA or SDD drives configurable in RAID formation, optional Blue-ray drive, eSATA, HDMI, USB 2.0 and FireWire ports, 3 Megapixel camera, and full keyboard with customizable gaming buttons.

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