Maingear’s PULSE: The World’s Greenest Gaming PC

Maingear Computers, award-winning makers of high-performance custom computers, proudly announced the Pulse – a powerful, energy-efficient small form factor PC based on NVIDIA ION graphics.


The Pulse is the world’s first GeForce-upgradeable ION PC, offering consumers the flexibility to choose an economical, low power ION solution or an energy-efficient, high-performance configuration with GeForce. The ION configuration is available with Intel Core 2 45nm processors and an 80+ certified 300-watt power supply that is 80% efficient – the smallest, most energy-efficient gaming PC on the market today.

Serious gamers have the option of adding a GeForce 9800 GT ECO discrete graphics card that consumes 40% less power compared to a standard GeForce 9800 GT – offered in both 512MB and 1GB flavors. This version of the Pulse is available with high-performance, eco-conscious 65-watt Core 2 Quads.

Pulse also includes 802.11b/g wireless for optimal connectivity and eSata support for maximum expandability. It also comes with an optional Blu-ray and TV Tuner, making Pulse a phenomenal device for enjoyment in the living room. It is a race car wrapped in a HEPA filter bag enclosed in a sleek chassis which moves plenty of air over the most common yet most crucial problem areas: the GPU(s) and CPU(s). The chassis design is a textbook example of how airflow can be manipulated to cool key components which in turn lowers overall ambient temperatures.

If you want a small, energy-efficient, and stylish PC, this is the best thing to have. This cool gadget has just started shipping and will set you back from $800. You can also find other gaming PCs here.

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