MagnoGrip – Don’t Let Nuts and Bolts Screw You

Unless you are a mutant with powers to bend magnetism at your will (and a desire to turn against mankind and a certain professor), misplacing and finding screws, bolts, nuts, nails and other similar objects during a handiwork can be downright frustrating and time consuming. Save yourself all the trouble and use MagnoGrip. Using the simple properties of magnets (which is to attract and hold metallic objects), this magnetic wristband can hold the abovementioned items and more including drill bits, fasteners and smaller tools. This also frees your workspace with mess and clutter.

The magnet itself is very strong and can apparently even hold the weight of a conventional hammer. Built for the regular Joe and the professional handyman, the MagnoGrip is made of tough and heavy duty canvas with powerful magnets to secure your tools in place. Industrial level Velcro is also used for locking it around your wrist. The device is durable enough to be used in hardy jobs.

With only a dimension of 3.5″ width x 14″ length, the device won’t get in your way or hassle you while working. While the maximum circumference of 12″ ensures that it would fit almost all hands even with overcoats or gloves on. The use is not limited to wrists. If would fit, it can be attached to the arm or even the leg since it can be wrapped around. With MagnoGrip at their side, professional mechanics, plumber, carpenter, fitters and even ordinary people will find it easier to work with their tools.

You can find this useful tool here at for only $14.99.

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