Mac Box Set Family Pack with Snow Leopard – Be The First to Have It

If you love using your Mac, you will definitely love it more once you have this Mac Box Set Family Pack with Snow Leopard. Set to be released on September, be the first to have this most advanced operating system that is finely-tuned to make your Mac work faster, become more reliable, and easier to use.
Okay, so what makes this product from Apple something to look forward to? Here are some of the refinements done to make your Mac work even better.

A more responsive finder. Considered as the Mac’s home base, the Finder is made more responsive from top to bottom by taking advantage of the Snow Leopard’s new technologies like the 64-bit support and Grand Central Dispatch. New features are also added on it such as an enhanced icon view that allows you to access a multi-page document and Spotlight search options that you can customize.

Faster at common tasks. Gone are the days when you have to wait for a minute or so for your Mac to wake up, shut down, and join a network. Now, you can definitely do more from the precious time you saved from doing those common tasks.

Faster, more powerful Safari. You can start saying goodbye to constant crashes of your Mac’s web browser. With the Snow Leopard’s 64-bit support, the Safari 4 delivers faster JavaScript performance of up to 50%. Plus, it has been redesigned in a way that the plug-ins will run separately so that even if one of the plug-ins crashes, Safari will continue to run.

So, these are just a few of the many refinements done to fine tune your Mac experience. Be the first to have it! Experience an even better Mac with the Mac Box Set Family Pack (with Snow Leopard).

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