Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard with 430 Programmable, Light-Up Keys


Yes, there are a number of illuminated keyboards out there and we’ve seen them before, but this one caught our attention because of its capabilities. With 430 built-in LEDs, the Luxeed is capable of lighting each key individually in your choice of color. And its capabilities don’t stop there as it has also a feature that allows you to display an animated rainbow across all the keys, or make each key light up when pressed. When playing games, you can customize the keyboard using a choice of four preset buttons, create a glowing skin for the keyboard or even create illuminated patterns and designs.

Choose your Luxeed flavor of black and white, each with its own unique features. The keys of the white Luxeed have a semi-transparent look and light up more brightly compared to the black Luxeed. The black version however has a more stylish feel to it with only the letters being illuminated. Both keyboards look the best in dim lighting of course.

Other features of the product:

• Standard USB connection
• Save key layouts on your hard drive and recall them later
• Keypad connects to keyboard with included cable
• Keypad does not illuminate, only the full keyboard
• Keyboard Dimensions: 15” x 7.5” x 1”
• Keypad Dimensions: 4.25” x 7.5” x 1”
• Software requires Windows XP or Vista (the Luxeed can function on other OS such as Mac or Linux as a regular USB keyboard, but the keys will not light up)

The Luxeed keyboards are $149 each at ThinkGeek and optionally, you can get the matching numeric keypad (with non-light up keys) to match your Luxeed.

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