LOTR: Mines of Moria Expansion


This is the first expansion of hit online game, Lord of The Rings Online. This time, we can journey deep in the mines of Moria. An epic adventure that most LOTRO gamers have surely been looking forward to. And you can certainly get it here.

Turbine, the game’s creators, promises an unforgettable smorgasbord of digital content that’s will keep gamers logged on to LOTRO. The main feature being the cavernous recesses of this Dwarven city, Moria. This Middle-Earth map is composed of labyrinthine tunnels, a network of chambers and corridors, and a ton of adventurous quests.That’s a total of 3 new regions, and 12 expansive areas in Moria.

This epic adventure also marks the beginning of Volume II, and opens up six new books for each player. Level cap is of course raised to 60. Along with this are new quests, skills, traits, and of course the ability to craft more powerful items. It’s gearing up goodness with this expansion.To top it off, there are numerous more legendary items that can be forged.

Tech specs-wise, I heard that Turbine did a major overhaul on their graphics, which will leave gamers far from disappointed. Gameplay is also superb, and the storyline is well thought of. The Lord of the Rings: Mines of Moria is definitely Turbine’s affirmation that they indeed deserve Best MMO of 2007 award.

If you’re serious about this game, consider getting the Collector’s Edition.

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