Logitech N100 Cooling Pad

You know how hot laptops can be. Not hot meaning looking nice or having good specs but hot as in burning hot due to inefficient cooling system or stuck things in the fan. If your laptop is too hot to touch or needs some cool down, then you are exposing yourself to risk of burns or worse your laptop might get broken.

n100The N100 Cooling Pad from Logitech is a simple yet efficient solution to your too hot to handle laptop problem. Just place it underneath your laptop and plug it in your laptop’s USB port or through an AC adaptor and then you’re all set! It works simply by inclining your laptop and the slotted surface with fans dissipates heat from your laptop. Plugging it to your laptop wouldn’t suck the battery easily like a vampire on a killing spree. Rather, Logitech engineered this cooling fan to have minimal impact on your notebook’s battery. The rear air intake design assures unobstructed air flow even if placed in your lap, desk or couch as compared to the bare straight surface of the laptop that doesn’t get much air when placed in a couch.

The design and looks of this cooling pad would suit even a fashion designer from New York. It’s curved white body with green accent will surely fit any home easily and not looking like a sore thumb sticking out underneath your laptop.

Get your laptop and yourself some cool and comfort with the N100 Cooling Pad.

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