Logitech G19: Delayed, But Hopefully Worth The Wait

Just when we thought we’re about to get our grubby gamer paws on another great PC gear, Logitech further delays the release of their much-anticipated keyboard. Rumored to bite back at Razer’s Tarantula, the Logitech G19 is set to be the pinnacle of gaming ease, control, and convenience. Judging by the looks, it also gets plus points for style.


It boasts of a titltable full-color 320 x 240 LCD panel. This proves to be useful during gaming, as you can see your stats and character information in a glance. But also, it comes in handy off the virtual arena, as you can set this tiny screen to play videos, give an image slideshow, and display whatever information you need at hand.

For gamers, you’ll surely drool over its 12 fully programmable G keys or shortcut keys, each sporting 3 different macros. That’s a total of 36 single key presses. That’s a far cry from having to reach up for those F-shortcuts all the time. And shifting through various spell and shortcut tabs. It’s true gaming utopia literally at your fingertips.

logitech-g19bLogitech G19 just comes with everything, and the company seems to have thought this one out. You can even personalize the backlight options. Just so, you know, it rocks in style along with the rest of your gaming peripherals.

Convenience-wise, it has 2 USB ports, which is not really new in terms of keyboards. But, on the upside, the Logitech G19 also has ports for your mouse and other peripherals — to keep wires from snaking all around your game area. Just in case you haven’t upgraded all your gear to wireless bluetooth.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on what this gaming gear can do. And we’ll just have to brace ourselves for its release in May. In the meantime, you can already get in line here. Just to be sure you’re one of the firsts to experience the ultimate gaming experience.

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  1. hi, we’re announcing its delayed release. we rehashed the features for those who missed the previous post. keep checking us back here 🙂 Thanks!

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