Live, Play and Relax with the iJoy Board

No, this isn’t any mac or iPod related gadget that would make you joyous. This is way far from that. Rather, the iJoy is an exercise device that simulates surfing.

ijoyThis 170W exercise device is motorized with a tri-axis system that would make the user balance his way into burning fat. The iJoy specifically targets 3 areas in the body to make it look good for real life surfing where you have to strip off your clothes and show people some skin. These are the lumbar region which means back and buttocks, abdominals and the inner thigh muscles. You might say that you could exercise these areas by just balancing even without the iJoy. Yes that could be true but only iJoy with its tri-axis system give you that intense workout that would blast away the pounds.

The iJoy has four settings for different needs, easy, moderate, hard and mix of all three for that maximum calorie burning setting. The auto timer is set to pitch, roll, and yaw within 15 minutes and can be started and turned off with the infrared remote control. You can match the different settings with the included workout DVD to know how to exactly do the exercise program with your virtual coach.

Flexibility, balance, posture, and coordination are the day to day benefits that you will get with this exercise gadget.

So balance your way into looking good with the iJoy which can be purchase at

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