Live In Concert! Yamaha’s Miim and Disklavier

Miim robotSure RoboSapien is cute and can dance; Honda’s Asimo can climb stairs and perform complex human-like actions, and some whatever-model industrial robot can build and weld together a supercar. The question is – can they sing along and perform with a self-playing piano while in the middle of Japan’s CEATEC convention? I think not but, she can. Everybody please give a round of applause to Miim and her self-playing piano Disklavier. Both technological wonders turned the CEATEC affair into a mini-concert that would make any robot geek weep.
Miim is a humanoid robot with an integrated complex voice synthesis system, she can sing, so to speak. This singing automaton wonder is made by Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology with the aim to imitate a young adult female. Her voice is made possible through Yamaha’s Vocaloid technology which produces sound based from real voices. Miim is not limited in just making vocal sounds; she can sync her lips with the lyrics for a more human touch. She is also capable of subtle human actions like blinking and head movements. Miim is equipped with around 30 integrated joints to help her move her hand, legs and body for a very expressive and impressive recital.

Miim’s piano Disklavier is a state of the musical instrument that can record real piano movements and reproduce it anytime. This results in a more natural piano music as compared to synthesized digital sound.

Stick with this link here to know more singing robots at suodo.

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