litl – Your Very Own Web OS Laptop

The operating system has been a widely heated debate over computer users with the epic battle of a PC with a Windows operating system and a Mac with an Apple operating system and not to mention the Linux operating system watching on the side. While the two being widely used and the last of somewhat just a small group, there is a new operating system that promises full integration with the internet and aptly call itself Web OS and the one laptop that runs this OS is litl.litlThough the name litl, it can do big things. For one, its performance is seamless with what you want to do. For example, you want to watch all the pictures that you have shared throughout Flick or Shutterfly. All you have to do is switch to photos in the menu and there you have it all for you and everyone to view. Another is surfing the internet which this thing is designed to do. The operating system is optimized to render web pages in a snap and thinks ahead of things to do like if someone send you a link, instead of you clicking on the link, it automatically shows what it is! So if you want to send your grandma that new cookie recipe that you want to have, just send her a link and with her litl, all she has to do is to look at it and follow.

The makers basically want you to just have fun and do the fun side of life – browse the web, watch video clips, view your photos, see social networking sites and so on.

Get the full web experience with litl available at Amazon.

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  1. Thanks jrjuan for writing about our product, the litl webbook. You can get a lot more information at In addition to Amazon we also sell through our own online shop.

    You are quite right that what we want to do is simplify enjoyment of the web. Here’s a few more details about our approach:

    1. Our webbook is designed to provide a new type of web experience. We’ve removed all the claptrap that stands between you and the web. Most UIs, if people are honest, have their roots in the pre-web 1990s, when computers were essentially hardware interface devices. There has been an explosion in webapps and streaming media but most devices are not geared to help you make the best of this. We bring, as has been said elsewhere, the laid back experience of tv together with the laid-forward experience of computers. We’re building a whole new platform for web devices.

    2. An important feature of our platform: we’re customizing a range of exciting streaming media and webapp experiences right into our UI. We call these ‘channels’. Instead of multiple learning curves, one for each webapp, we will give you one interface and one learning curve. There’s a lot of these channels in the pipeline.

    3. Ours is a stunning looking device built from quality materials. We used the best industrial designers in the US; the litl webbook is unashamedly a designer item for the home. We have the best screen on the market for its size: mega bright and with an ultra wide angle view. Our keyboard, too, is good quality. This quality is reflected in the price.

    4. We have built-in device linking and sharing features to keep you, your friends and family connected more easily than you have been on conventional devices. This capability is going to grow, too.

    5. The software you buy on our device now is going to rapidly develop without you having to install anything. Our device has a remote update system that upgrades your software while you sleep. So we’ll be pushing new features and new channels down this pipe. Nothing to install, no antivirus updates. and no extra charges. Nothing to maintain or configure. Your software will just keep getting better.

    We’re proud that we have some of the best linux UI programmers in the world and are led by one of the East Coast’s best known entrepreneurs, John Chuang.

    Litl is an exciting company and we have big plans for the future of home computing.

    Check us out at

    • Really nice idea but $600 is way to much. Your competition is netbooks, and the Nokia tablets if you can’t out price them then good luck to you because they can do everything you offer but at a much more affordable price and the capability to be connected with a Cellular network makes your product seem kind of old school in terms of capabilities for wireless use.

      Nice product thought but I will stick with my Macbook Pro and my wifes small laptop.

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