Limbo Anytime, Anywhere with the Amazing Limbo String

Do you remember the last time you attended a party and played the Limbo Rock? Was it fun? For sure, it was. And perhaps, you’re laughing now while remembering how you made a fool of yourself when you fell over after attempting to dance under that very low string. Oh, it’s good to bring back happy memories! But hey, why settle with reminiscing those good ol’ funny party days if you can party now and limbo anytime, anywhere? Yes, you can party all night and have so much fun doing the Limbo Rock with this amazing Limbo String!
limbo-stringSo what makes the Limbo String different? Well, first, it eliminates the need for a big stick for everyone to dance under. All you need to do is to click one button and the multi-colored string will start whizzing into action, creating a fluorescent arch that you and your guests will have to dance through and lean backwards as the string gets lower. To lower the string, you just have to twist the dial. Take note: any part of your body must not touch the string or else you’re out of the game.

And here’s one more thing: the Limbo String already has its very own Limbo Music. So, if there’s no stereo within reach, no worries because the Limbo Music will get you and everyone else in the room shaking to the groove. Anyway, here’s more about the Limbo String:

* A compact unit that shoots a cyclical string across the room.
* Includes a flat edge string and a round edge string for added difficulty.
* The string spans 7 feet and is consistently fed through the unit to keep it in the air.
* The string is black light responsive and goes all ‘dayglo’ in the dark..
* Choose to limbo to your own music or opt to use the unit’s tropical tune.
* A dial adjusts the limbo string’s height for shorties, tallies and to challenge all limbo-ers.
* The limbo string can be detached from its main unit to create a hand-held version.
* Requires 4 x AA Batteries and 4 x C cell Batteries (not included).
* Suitable for ages 8 years+.
* Size: 20 x 15 x 9cm.

So, get the party started and do the limbo anytime, anywhere with the Limbo String! Buy it here now!

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