LG Watch Phone


It has been a year since LG introduced its first watch phone in CES 2008. Now, in CES 2009, they unveiled yet another watch phone which in terms of looks and capabilities, is better. The first watch phone from LG has only three buttons and is equipped with Bluetooth to make calls. Obviously, it didn’t catch on because using a watch phone with just basic phone capabilities wouldn’t persuade new users. Now, with LG’s new watch phone, it is expected to be more welcomed by tech lovers all over the world.

LG’s watch phone can do what modern cellphones are capable of – communication and multimedia. The watch phone has a capacitive touch screen that allows you to press buttons on the glass screen. This will enable you to send SMS using a T9 keyboard. For making calls, Bluetooth connectivity is present for use with a headset,  making the experience more techie. Well, no one wants to talk on their “watch communicator” like the Power Rangers do.  The music player is adequate which can be streamed to a Bluetooth headset. A speaker is present at the back,  but don’t expect a lot from it since it is significantly smaller. It has 70mb user memory at the present. Not much actually but just adequate for regular use. A camera (yes, a camera!) is present at the top of the watch. This neat addition is perfect for aspiring spies. Haha!

The LG watch phone is a perfect match with the TriSpecs Bluetooth Sunglasses. They complement each other in terms of looks and function too!

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