LG Watch Phone: Wrist Communication Made Possible

Does your work require you to take and make calls via your mobile phone almost every hour of the day? Do you find yourself complaining how stressful your day was because you need to take that mobile phone on and off your ears the whole day? And have you ever wished that there’s a handsfree gadget that can make communication easier for you? Here’s the answer to your woes – the LG Watch Phone, where wrist communication is made possible.

LGgd910wristphoneThe GD910, that’s the model of this LG wrist phone, is capable of the world’s first 3G VT Service & GSM Quadband Network, a combination of miniaturization and large scale integration technologies and best wireless technology. Although at first you might think that it looks like an ordinary wristwatch, its features actually go beyond that. It comes equipped with a bluetooth headset, stereo earphones, built-in MP3 player, stylus pen, video, vibration, touch screen, caller id, and camera. And what’s really great about this is that it makes wrist communication possible. So, why keep your mobile phone in your pocket or in your bag if you can wear it comfortably? Receiving and making calls have just been made easier for you with this very practical device.

And there’s more – this LG Watch phone is water resistant and boasts a stylish design. So, even if you are enjoying the waters, you can wear it to make sure you don’t miss any important calls. And it’s really stylish too. Try wearing it and for sure you’ll fall in love with how good it looks on you. But if this one seems not to suit your taste, click here for more wrist GSM phone.

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