LG Launches Solar-Powered Phones

Green is in. It’s so in it’s the new black. And just to prove that point, here are some of LG’s latest sleek black mobile phones that are truly green.


Reeling over the color confusion? Basically, LG is upping the ante on thinking green, and is dishing out a line of environmentally-friendly mobile devices. Thank god we can now chat and text to our heart’s content, and feel good that we’re not contributing to global warming. This is also actually very convenient for talk-aholics. No more lugging around portable chargers, or clamoring to find an outlet. As long as the sun hasn’t gone down on you, you can be confident that you have unlimited (and nature-powered) talk time.

The phones sport a solar panel at the back. And for every 10 minutes of sunbathing, you have 3 minutes of talk time. This is also a great reason to get a tan. The panel is powerful enough to give your unit ample standby time as well. You may never need to plug in this device. Like, ever.  Except if you’re a vampire, of course.


We heard that LG’s efforts did not stop here. They are also coming out with solar-powered bluetooth hands-free devices for your car. Moreover, their packaging will be shifted to sustainable, earth-friendly materials. Their manuals will even be printed on soy paper.

Now are you sure that LG does not stand for Loves Green?

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