LG GD510 is the Smallest and Greenest Touch Screen Phone

If there’s one thing common on gadgets in the market today, it is energy efficiency. With global warming right on our tail and self sufficiency issue gaining momentum, who will not worry? Well, steps have been taken and and LG has been one of the companies that is leading the way.

LG, one of the leading brands in LCD TVs, audio and video products, and other home devices is innovating its products to be green starting from using the raw materials for manufacturing, the process itself, the plant and even up to the disposal stage. Like the Pop which is the LG GD510’s name which looks like targeting a more youthful audience like it did naming its entry level touch screen phone Cookie. The Pop is efficient from its construction material up to how it manages its energy.gd510

The primary green accessory of the Pop is its back cover which doubles as a solar charger. Having it bask in the sunshine for about 10 minutes will give you additional 2 minutes and 15 seconds of talk time or even up to 180 minutes of standby time. Another feature is that when the phone is already fully charged, a beep will sound and a notification will be displayed on the phone alerting the user to pull the plug. As for the raw materials, the LG GD510 is PVC, CFR, and BFR free and the packaging used is made from recycled paper and soy ink.

The Pop is a 3″ touch screen phone with a 3mp camera, music and video player, and a web browser. If you want to keep your current phone, you could always opt to get green by using some of these Solar Chargers.

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