LG Full HD 3D LCD – The Next Step, the Next Dimension

If you are just about to spend your hard earned holiday bonus on that shiny new HDTV, then better hold that thought and more specifically your wallet. Before this year ends, a last-minute commercial launch of a new HDTV, from LG might spell the bright things to come for this incoming year. The new product is the ground breaking 23” 3D LCD Monitor with Full HD Resolution. The 3D effect takes advantage of man’s natural binocular disparity to induce a sense of depth; it gives images a more vibrant and lifelike feel.
LG Display_Full HD 3DThis 3D monitor features the use of specialized shutter glasses to produce a wider viewing angle and a higher 3D image quality than polarized glasses type 3D display. Moreover, this LCD screen features true 1080p HD resolution – add the 3D capability and you have a visually stunning killer combo of features you can’t easily find elsewhere.

The LG Full HD 3D LCD panel boasts to exceed two times over the performance of other HD 3D displays available in the market. A claim backed by LG exclusive engineering and made possible by their proprietary technologies. There is their high performance 3D controller which offers two times the image data processing power than the closest competitor. There is also LG’s use of copper bus line to achieve a maximum resolution and unparalleled picture quality. The end product is a 3D LCD monitor which is able to reproduce full HD images in both 2D and 3D mode.

Treat yourself to a full HD and 3D experience this coming holiday, get LG. See more of them here.

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