Leyio is Like Your Social Networking Flash Drive

leiyoPictures, videos, songs, and probably some documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Those things would probably comprise a student life. But wouldn’t it be nice to transfer data amongst your friends with just a few clicks and without opening a computer? That is where the Leiyo comes in.

The Leiyo is a lean mean sharing tiny machine. It is smaller than an iPod Nano and would fit nicely on your palm and could be tucked inside your jeans for easy access. With just a few clicks, any file on this 16GB gadget can be transferred at the speed of 10mbps or like transferring a 700mb video in just 70 secs – probably the same length of time you take a pee in the restroom. You might have thought that this device is only great if all the people around you have a Leiyo themselves. Well, the makers of this device thought of allowing you to use your Leiyo with those still stuck in the past with their boring flash drives through a USB port on the device itself. Having a USB port allows any USB flash drive be docked and you can copy its contents at your heart’s desire. Copying from this gadget to a computer is also easy with the built in 2GB shuttle that is like a mini flash drive in the Leiyo itself. Just fill it up and copy to the computer.

This funky looking flash drive in Pink, Ice Grey and Mirror isn’t to be underestimated in terms of data protection since it can deny access to unwanted users with its biometric fingerprint detector.

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