Let Your Kid Feel Like an Ultimate Spy with the Spy Kite

Let’s admit it, kids these days are also into tech gadgets. They’re not anymore contented with just mere toy soldiers, toy cars, or even game cards. They want something different, something extraordinary. We could not blame them; cartoons on TV and other forms of media have great influence on them. They love to imitate what they see. And so if your kid happens to be fond of watching cartoons showcasing spies and spy gadgets, there’s no doubt, he’d love to act and feel like an ultimate spy too. Why not grant his little wish? Start by giving him this Spy Kite.

spykiteThe Spy Kite is a fiberglass-framed kite that has a digital camera mounted on it, capable of taking images from 80 feet in the air. Why only 80 feet? Because it is designed with a string holder that has a wireless remote for taking pictures. Now, the 80-feet height requirement will sure do for your kiddo; it would be enough to see what’s going on behind the neighbor’s fence without the need to pop up his head over it. Once he’s done with his spy work, what he has to do next is to reel in the kite and attach it to the PC to download the pictures. Although the images may not be as clear as compared to images being taken not from air, those will do for your little spy. He would just love how this little gadget makes him feel like an ultimate spy.

Make your kid’s dream come true now. Get the Spy Kite for only £29.99 at Gadgetshop!

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