Let Brinell Portable Hard Drives Show You What is Fashion in Technology

Browsing over at different external hard drives show how small those drives can get and yet still carry a sizable amount of data capacity. Though small and cute, they are those common hard drives that are made to look good with the addition of multiple colors much like the iPod. If you find the rainbow like array of choices for external hard drives boring, then you can head to Europe and get yourself a Brinell portable hard drive which look so good that you can bring it to Paris fashion week.

Brinell has a selling proposition of “a touch of class, a touch of brinell”. True enough, their hard drive offerings are very classy that engineeredyou could even make these as a fixture in a contemporary designed home. They have 3 designs available for consumers: engineered, elegant, and understatement.

Engineered series is described as a model example of contemporary materials combined with precision workmanship. It has the elegant appeal of small form factor and stainless steel construction that is perfect for the urban life.

Elegant series is like a fashion accessory that is sleek, modern and sophisticated. The full fine stainless steel body exudes the modern look of elegance.elegant

Understatement series is more of a neo-classicist design since traditional designs are mixed with the contemporary look to produce this series.  It is made up of veneer case with stainless steel frame.understatement

There are 160GB and the 500GB versions of each design both priced at 189 euros or around $285. Their difference is the size. The 160GBs are small and really compact as compared to the 500GB version.

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